Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Damien (2016)

Created by: Glen Mazzara
Starring: Bradley James, Megalyn E.K., Omid Abtahi, Barbara Hershey, David Meunier, Melanie Scrofano, Robin Weigert, Viv Moore, Scott Wilson, Brody Bover

Damien Thorn (James) lives an extraordinary life as a war photographer, unaware of anything that has happened before. While on assignment in Syria, during a raid of the poor, Damien becomes possessed by an old woman (Moore) who shows him visions of his childhood and his rediscovery of his links to the Antichrist. Disaster after coincidental disaster begin appearing around him, trust becomes the name of the game and choosing the sides of Ann (Hershey), a protector who has been secretly watching out for him, or John Lyons (Waters), the Chief-of-Staff at the White House who helped raised Damian as a child. Meanwhile, Simone (E.K.) makes several discoveries while dealing with her sister Kelly's (Tiffany Hines), who was Damien's first apparent victim, death.

Direct sequel to the original '78 film The Omen, with no link to any of the sequels, has got way too many problems. To start with, they wasted their time on a lead character whose desperately boring - and passively performed - and we are surrounded with a sense of déjà vu. We have seen this is all before in almost exactly the same fashion and it's hard to know why the creators didn't take a hold of their stock from the beginning, such as they did with both Hannibal and Bates Motel, two huge successes in the power struggle of television today.

James is mostly unrecognisable from his clean-cut image off the Merlin series. Everyones story is pale in comparison to the class of Hershey, a well cast decision, and supporting actress Weigert. Wilson is about as pale as his performance in The Walking Dead, though I'm sure Dead fans won't enjoy that comment. Sam Anderson appears in the Pilot episode and Gregory Peck, Lee Remick and Harvey Stephens appear through old footage which makes for a nice nostalgic feel. In the end, it may be fun to kill everyone off but it doesn't bother us when they're not that interesting. The offensive aspect of this series is the terrible B-grade dialogue which never ceases to end. Let's hope there's no 2nd season.


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