Saturday, January 23, 2016

Bunks (2013)

Director: Tibor Takacs
Starring: Dylan Schmid, Aidan Shipley, Emilia McCarthy, Atticus Mitchell, Christian Potenza, Zane Davis, Michael Levinson, Nicholas Bode, Drew Davis, Grant Westerholm

Brothers Dylan (Schmid) and Dane (Shipley) are once again headed to military camp at their parents insistence. During pick-up, they swap places and end up posing as two counselors heading over to Camp Bushwhack to take care of a group of outcast boys, each with their own insecurities. Upon arrival, the brothers are warned not to go anywhere near the abandoned cabin in the woods, which of course they do which soon leads to a zombie apocalypse.

It's a definite stretch of the imagination, but this fun, harmless young adult tele-movie made for and by Disney XD (Canada) has enough vibrancy, humour and devilish plans in the romantic and horror fields that those it's aimed for will surely enjoy. The cheap effects aren't that bad you would notice and the zombie make-up is enough to feed into the comedy/horror genre.

The variety of kids and their hang-ups are wonderful cause it's easy enough to find someone to side with. The leads Schmid, Shipley, McCarthy as Dylan's love interest and Mitchell as a fellow counselor who runs afoul of the zombies, are all future potentials. This basic, mostly inoffensive little thing is pretty good, especially for kids who should enjoy its creativeness and mixture of characters.


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