Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Roarhouse Versus The State (2015)

Director: Marjetka McMahon-Krizanic, David de Roach
Starring: James Jackson, Tash Joyce, Craig Lee Smith, Eddy Burger, Dale Bridge, Tony Creedon

"Roarhouse, Melbourne's notorious, multi-faceted arts platform, is on trial. Guilty or not for changing people's lives. But who is really on trial? A story about integrity, radical inclusion and the power of the collective as it collides with The State. This is a story about truth, risk, discovery and freedom."

Here's a little local treat over the upcoming film festival circuit you may stumble upon, that draws on its sense of community spirit and the camaraderie that can come from supporting the creative arts. This organisation that support arts for the underprivileged has had continued success since it's instalment in 2006 with the help of 1400 artists and volunteers.

The majority of the cast are made up of Roarhouse performers, both former and current, and founder/director of Roarhouse McMahon-Krizanic appears as herself to spell out the message of the film. This little gem goes to great lengths to have a laugh off its own back, put the powerful message continues to ring true. For those who wish to support, look out for it. For a little taste, check out this behind-the-scenes compilation of the making of Roarhouse Versus The State.

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