Tuesday, October 20, 2015

UNindian (2015)

Director: Anupam Sharma
Starring: Brett Lee, Tannishtha Chatterjee, Maya Sathi, Supriya Pathak, Akash Khurana, Adam Dunn, Arka Das, Sarah Roberts, Nicholas Brown, Pallavi Sharda, John Howard, Tiriel Mora, Deji Adiatu

Meera (Chatterjee), an Indian-born Australian whose finally made a life of her own after her ex-husband left her, still struggles to dismiss the influence of her families customs. At a traditional Hindu dance party, Meera runs into Will (Lee), an Australian who teaches foreigners Australian slang - like that's a real job - and his pursuit of her becomes relentless.

'Critics', as they call themselves, are entirely judgmental before the opening credits have even appeared and since everyone these days is a 'critic' in some way, this Bollywood-meets-The Castle hybrid is automatically going to fail. But let's look at the aspects that make up a Bollywood film, a staple of the Indian entertainment ring. They are theatrical, musical, cliched and use dialogue that is able to be understood to a larger audience. Regardless of taste it's a tick all round, I would say.

Former Cricketer Lee is hardly to blame since he's really only playing an extension of himself, though he does fail as a leading man and his techniques, if that's what you call them, wear thin by the end. Chatterjee can take some criticism for her cat-faced acting where she doesn't crack a smile until the final scene while the chemistry between the two isn't great and the script fails for anything meaningful. Thank heavens for a supporting cast that takes this for what it is, an enjoyable other-world experience that doesn't proclaim to have the answers to life but is purely for entertainment purposes.


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