Saturday, October 10, 2015

Nurse 3D (2013)

Director: Douglas Aarniokoski
Starring: Paz de la Huerta, Katrina Bowden, Judd Nelson, Corbin Bleu, Boris Kodjoe, Melanie Scrofano, Niecy Nash, Martin Donovan, Chris Hoffman, Brittany Adams, Kathleen Turner, Jake Michaels, Adam Herschman

By night, Abby (Huerta) targets cheating men in order to clean the scum from the streets by disposing of them, literally. By day, she's a mentoring nurse keeping a watchful eye on Danni (Bowden) whose having her problems settling to her first day on the job and dealing with an unpleasant family. Abby's obsession with Danni begins to consume her and nothing will stand in her way.

Clearly meant to be seen in 3D - or is it just a title misprint - two big things don't work in this films favour. Firstly the casting of Huerta who loves spending time walking around naked and simulating sex but that's clearly where the acting credentials end. The pacing of film is great, however the climatic battle is so slow and staged it almost ruins everything.

Bowen isn't a great help, however comedian Nash is impressive as a fellow loud-mouthed nurse and Turner who appears briefly as the head of nursing. What shines is some nice set pieces from Aarniokoski who has a keen eye for gore and sex. I'd like to see more from the director but I'm not holding my breath on anyone else.


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