Friday, June 26, 2015

Axed (2012)

Director: Ryan Lee Driscoll
Starring: Jonathan Hansler, Andrea Gordon, Nicola Posener, Christopher Rithin, Henry Douthwaite

After losing his job, Kurt (Hansler) takes the focus off telling his family the truth and forces them to take the day off from other worries and go on a trip out to the countryside. Here, no one knows the true force of nature Kurt can be when they come across an abandoned farmhouse and the special treat he has hidden in the attic.

I don't even want to review what this pile of garbage served up for me. If I took as much effort as the filmmakers did on this project I wouldn't have to bother making it to the toilet. What I find as a useless waste of time perplexes me as the basic idea is fine, yet we're given a group of characters, none of whom we can side with as they're all disgusting people, and a situation which for some reason gets lead out to a place in the middle of nowhere and completely contradicts the story's plot-line.

Neither Driscoll, who also wrote and produced (what a surprise), cinematographer Edward Wright or production designer Jane Barnwell have really thought about giving the audience anything exciting to look at, including lead actor Jonathan Hansler who gives possibly the worst performance I've ever seen in a film, and trust me I've seen a lot of them. It also offers a shocker of an ending if you get that far.


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