Monday, January 19, 2015

Crazy Love (2007)

Director: Dan Klores, Fisher Stevens
Starring: Burt Pugach, Linda Riss, Bob Janoff, Sylvia Hoffman, Rita Kessler, Joyce Guerriero, Janet Pomerantz, Rusty Goldberg, Jimmy Breslin, Margaret Powers, Norman Ackerman, William Kunstler, Marvyn Kornberg, Marvin Scott, Richard Brown, Andrea Peyser, Berry Stainback

Festival-driven documentary chronicles the life and bizarre relationship of New York lawyer Burt Pugach and his much younger mistress Linda Riss. For those unfamiliar with the story, and I suggest that would be almost all of you, Riss found out that during their relationship, Pugach was married with a child. After this discovery, Riss left Pugach who then hired three assailants to attack her, a confrontation that left her almost completely blind and permanently scarred.

So this is love? It's a different time in a different place, but the attraction of the film is this weird connection these two people have with each other even though we can see Pugach is an absolute scumbag and Riss becomes almost entirely delusional. If it helps, there are circumstances behind it all, everyone on screen is very honest about the details and the film itself continues to truck along. The directors are also wholly focused on the idea of media sensationalism. For anyone still interested, the couple co-wrote a 1976 book, A Very Different Love Story.


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