Saturday, January 3, 2015

Apres Mai (2012)

Director: Olivier Assayas
Starring: Clement Metayer, Lola Creton, Felix Armand, Carole Combes, India Menuez, Hugo Conzelmann

Set in the early 70's in a village outside of Paris, an arts student (Metayer) finds solace amongst a radical group who write propaganda for the students masses. After his girlfriend (Combes) decides she'd rather be with another man, he soon becomes involved with a fellow revolutionary (Creton), but the pair find themselves in trouble after an altercation with the schools security guards, forcing them to leave town.

Translated as After May but released under the title Something in the Air, viewers should be forewarned that this a film festival piece and those outside the realms of festival films will find this to be a boring piece of artsy-farcy cinema. Not to be sniffed at though, Assayas, who won 'Best Screenplay' at the Venice Film Festival, and his set of collaborators have done an amazing job at recreating the 70's revolutionary time. Being picky, as I am, I'm taking points away for Assayas refusal to keep the camera still and the often unnecessary sidetracks from the main story.

An unknown collection of actors do a remarkable job, though I have to say that this one definitely goes to the women with outstanding performances from Creton and Combes. There's more than meets the eye in this and Assayas plays with the idea that we should choose our path not by the influence of others, though we are all guilty of that, but to choose the path that we select wholeheartedly.


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